2024 Samaritan Inn Request for Donation

2024 Samaritan-inn-Spring 2024


Greetings to All Our Supporters and Friends,

Each spring brings a sense of rebirth and renewal.   Through the generous response of our community, we have been able to continue to help the most vulnerable in Sussex County.  The needs do not end with a new year or a new season.  We are seeing more families seeking shelter and have been increasingly busy assisting homeless families to rebuild their lives and to successfully return them to homes of their own.  Homelessness is not self-inflicted nor is it simply the result of irresponsibility.  It is not a disease of the uneducated or addicted.  IT IS A CONDITION THAT IS REVERSIBLE

Samaritan Inn provides home like shelter, community case management and emergency food assistance to “at risk” or homeless people in Sussex County regardless of age, sex, race, or religion.  We strive to help families who may have lost jobs and homes to get back on their feet and regain their self-respect.  Our program can last up to 6 months giving a family time to secure employment, training and child care, to apply for programs such as food stamps and medical insurance, to obtain lost birth certificates and social security cards, and to restore or apply for drivers licenses or ID.     There is no cost to be part of the program but families are required to save 65 % of any income in order to practice saving and budgeting to prepare for their move into their own place.

As part of our Mission and Philosophy,  Samaritan Inn shares a positive responsibility with other helping agencies within and around our county to preserve the dignity of the individual, to relieve human suffering, to offer sanctuary to the homeless, to exercise good stewardship of resources and to participate cooperatively within the Sussex County social service network.

The goal of the Samaritan Inn Family Shelter Program is to build a community of healthy families, caring neighbors and productive workers and students We provide families a temporary safe haven so that they can work to build skills and resources to obtain and keep independent housing.  Samaritan Inn also provides a food pantry for community residents and an emergency motel shelter program and a 24 hour hot line.

In our most recent fiscal  year:

The Samaritan Inn Family Shelter Program provided 11,756 nights of shelter for 44 families / 125 individuals (63 adults/ 62 children) in our 13 apartments. Our food pantry provided 30,880 pounds of food to 1,124 clients/ 386 families (671 Adults/ 453 Children), distributing over 1,544 bags of food. Our Family Shelter Program in 2023, had a 96% success rate of moving families into permanent housing.

Samaritan Inn is again turning to you for help.   Some suggestions to partner with us:

  • Become a sustaining donor by making a monetary donation each month,
  • Make a one time donation through Paypal or mail ubelow
  • Donate gift cards for our shelter residents to use for groceries, gas or laundry

It is so very important that we can continue to do this in our community.  If you can help in any way, please know how greatly appreciated you really are!