Samaritan Inn provides emergency food and temporary shelter to homeless families in Sussex County as well as a program of counseling and skill building in family maintenance and growth. Click here to learn more.



Call: 973-940-8872 if you would like to volunteer on our Board of Directors.

SPRING 2024 – Greetings to All Our Supporters and Friends,

Each spring brings a sense of rebirth and renewal.   Through the generous response of our community, we have been able to continue to help the most vulnerable in Sussex County.  The needs do not end with a new year or a new season.  We are seeing more families seeking shelter and have been increasingly busy assisting homeless families to rebuild their lives and to successfully return them to homes of their own.  Homelessness is not self-inflicted nor is it simply the result of irresponsibility.  It is not a disease of the uneducated or addicted.  IT IS A CONDITION THAT IS REVERSIBLE

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